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Flight – Beijing to Haneda – Japan Airlines Economy Class

(Note: Unfortunately we didn’t get photos of menus, seats, etc.)
Japan Airlines Flight 22
11/18/2016 – 4:40pm
Beijing – Haneda
Business Class

Several weeks before this flight, we received an email that our seats had been changed. When we looked up the new seats, it appeared that we were in Business Class, although the website said we were in economy. Through a Twitter exchange, it was confirmed to us that we were in fact in economy. This “charade” continued even upon checkin, where our tickets said Economy. However, upon boarding, our suspicion was confirmed: we had been upgraded to Business Class, the last row. It’s still puzzling why every piece of information and communication said we were in Economy Class, though we weren’t complaining.

We boarded after enjoying one of the lounges at the Beijing airport, thanks to our Priority Pass Membership. The flight was non-eventful, but the service upon Japan Airlines is second to none. Their staff is top-notch and one of our favorite airlines to fly, this being our second time. (First time was CDG-NRT.)

The only picture we took on the flight