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$74 in Food, Drinks and Snacks for Free at Portland (PDX) Airport


I found myself at the Portland (PDX) airport on a 90 minute layover recently. This was a perfect amount of time to test out the Priority Pass offerings at PDX. If you’re not familiar with Priority Pass, it is a lounge membership that is included with many Premium credit cards. PDX is unique as it has more than just lounge offerings.; it has 3 locations where each location gives you a $28 credit to use with the priority pass.

Capers Cafe

Capers Cafe

After deplaning, I headed straight for Capers Cafe. Having browsed the menu online, I knew what I wanted already… “Lox N Bagel.” I placed my order with an Orange Juice on the side and the total came out to $20.75. I gave the cashier my Priority Pass card and was asked for an outgoing boarding pass. I signed their receipt machine and waited for my order.

Capers Cafe menu

$20.75 breakfast

Capers Market

Capers Market

The second stop on my PDX tour was Capers Market. Again, you are given a $28 credit to use on most anything. From reading other blog articles, I saw that you could even grab wine and/or beer. After finding a $25 bottle of red wine, I went to the cashier, presented my Priority Pass card and… was denied. They told me that recently it had changed to not include Wine or Beer. So, plan B was in motion, get as close to $28 in snacks as I could without going over. My end total was $25.50.

$25.50 in snacks

House Spirits Distillery

House Spirits Distillery

The third stop on my tour was to the House Spirits Distillery. They have various tastings you can do or cocktails to try. Again, a $28 credit is given for what you would like. I did the Sampler Flight which, coincidentally, is $28. It included 3 whiskies, and 3 cocktails one of them being a highball and the other 2 you choose.

Distillery Menu

Sampler Flight

House Spirits Distillery

Alaska Airlines Lounge

Couldn’t get in…

Alaska Airlines also has a lounge that you can visit with the Priority Pass.  I had about 30 minutes to kill after my tour,  and headed to the lounge. Unfortunately, as has been the situation lately, the lounge was closed to Priority Pass members. So I went to my gate and waited to board.


As you can see, I was able to get $74+ in food, drinks and snacks for $0 out of pocket. The next time you take off from PDX or have a layover, make sure to use your Priority Pass card to try a few new options.