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Getting Casino Elite Status Without Gambling


For many in the frequent traveler hobby, Status is everything. You can have status with Airlines, Hotels, Car Rental Companies, Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A and the list goes on. If you’ve had status, you know that it can be very rewarding (i.e. upgrade to first class or a suite) or it can be just meh (intermediate to standard car upgrade.) Included in the “Hotel” category would also be Casinos. In fact, MGM properties have a connection with Hyatt hotels. Having status at these casinos is earned, typically, by gambling and spending money at the properties; the more you spend, the higher the status. The perks can include upgraded/complimentary rooms, waived resort fee, free self/valet parking, and more.


Again, typically the way to get status with Casinos is by gambling. As we don’t gamble, how could we obtain this status? Through status matching. Status matching is where one company will match your status with a different company in hope of luring you away. For example, several years ago Hyatt matched the Diamond Status I had with Hilton. I thus had Diamond Status with two hotel chains. Sometimes, you can then take your new status to another chain and so on and so forth. To maintain the status, you typically have to earn a lower amount of points/miles/etc than is normally necessary. If you do not earn the required amount, you lose the status after it expires.

One caution though, sometimes you can only status match once per lifetime. For example, I did a status match with Alaska Airlines and received their MVP Gold status for one year. After the year was up, I had not earned enough to requalify and thus cannot status match again. Planning is definitely key!


So how did we get Casino Status? As mentioned earlier, Hyatt Hotels partners with MGM. I have Explorist status with Hyatt which matches to MLife Gold status. Total Rewards (Caesars properties) has a promotion this year where they will give you Diamond status if you have a competitor’s Platinum or Gold Status. Reports have been given that this match only works at Total Rewards properties in Atlantic City and Baltimore. This was perfect as I had a work conference in Baltimore in July. I took an Uber to the Horseshoe Casino which was a 5 minute drive away, and went straight to the TR desk. I presented my MLife Gold card and the clerk began typing away at his computer. It took about 10 minutes but then he presented me with my Diamond Card. It then took about 2 weeks or so before my online account reflected the new status.


Here are some of the perks that comes with Diamond Status:

  • No resort fees on any hotel stay (Very useful, Paris Vegas is $41.95 per night)
  • Complimentary Self/Valet Parking
  • $100 voucher towards dinner once per year
  • Complimentary 4-Night Stay At Atlantis in Bahamas
  • 2 Show tickets per month in Las Vegas.
  • Free hotel stays
  • And more

These are just a few of the perks that stood out to us. While I could not find any rhyme or reason to the Free Hotel Stays, after my online account reflected Diamond Status, I then went to look at prices in Vegas. To my surprise, several dates showed up as $0. With that in mind, we planned a quick 3 night getaway… for research purposes. At the Paris hotel, our stay was indeed complimentary with no resort fees. Our valet parking was free as well. We took advantage of seeing the show WOW at the Rio Vegas for free using our 2 show ticket voucher. We will be visiting Vegas again in Nov/Dec for a concert and will see how else we can milk our Diamond Status


To get started in your elite status pursuit, there are several credit cards that offer elite status for having the card and/or for a certain amount of spend. We enjoy using the perks from our various statuses and look forward to reporting back with more on our Total Rewards status.

Quick Note: While in Vegas, we received a promotion to match to Total Rewards Diamond Status with a competitors Gold or Platinum status at any Vegas property. We tried this with Missy’s Gold MLife card, but were denied. They said it only works in Atlantic City. We have filed a report with their Corporate Office and hopefully get this resolved.