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Review: Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills (Spoiler: AMAZING)


After booking a Marriott Rewards Moment experience for dinner at Spago in Beverly Hills, we next looked to see what rooms were available in the area.


We saw standard availability at the 1 year old Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills hotel, under the Hilton brand, for 95,000 for the 1 night. While we were waiting on points to post to our account from a previous stay, the price of the 1 night skyrocketed to 282,000. As mentioned in our last post, we emailed the hotel the situation and they said that they “would be delighted to open availability.” Keep in mind, that the standard room we were booked into was going for $739-940 per night at the various times I looked at the cash price. They booked the hotel night for us and also checked in 3 days before arrival to alert us to various services and complimentary amenities that would be available. I inquired to what our Diamond benefits would be and they responded with: 2 Bottles of Water Daily, possible upgrade (which we didn’t receive as the hotel was very full,) and complimentary Continental Breakfast (value of $29 each.)

Our Experience:

The one word that comes to mind with this stay is: SEAMLESS. Everything flowed so smoothly and elegantly. When we arrived in our car at the valet dropoff, the valet opened both of our doors, took our keys and escorted us to the receptionist. The receptionist checked us in and escorted us to our room, highlighting different areas and amenities along the way. Once in the room, she also explained many of the features that were available including the iPad and Alexa devices that controlled many of the rooms features. Before departing, she confirmed my cell phone number and said that she would send a text to which I could reply at any time for anything. This feature was quite handy.

We first used the texting feature to have a bellman collect a pair of shoes for shoe shining. They picked them up and returned them all shined up within an hour. We next texted to schedule use of the house car for our dinner that evening as well as to have an iron and ironing board brought to our room. I also did a speed test on the internet and the speeds were amazing for a hotel: Download = 95megs per second; Upload = 110megs per second. Its rare to see Download at that speed, and to have Upload even faster is just remarkable.

We were granted an early check-in and took advantage of the roof-top pool. There are covers on the pool lounge chairs which are changed when you leave. There is also a handy dandy box that allows you to request waiter service. We enjoyed the professional service we received. (If you’re interested in Waldorf Astoria cocktails, check out The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book.)

After enjoying the pool, we went back to our room to get ready for our dinner. We arrived downstairs at the scheduled time and alerted the Valet. They contacted our driver who appeared in the House Mercedes S550 in about 20 seconds. There were water bottles awaiting us. I asked which model of Mercedes this was, and he replied, “just a S550. Our Rolls Royce is in the shop getting maintenance work and the Bentley is in use.” Keep in mind the S550 is typically over a $100k car. The driver was very kind and warm and mentioned to text 10 minutes before we needed to be picked up. After our dinner, we texted and he arrived right on time.

The next morning we went down to the JG restaurant downstairs to enjoy our complimentary Continental Breakfast, which is described as Assorted Pastries, Freshly Pressed Orange Juice and Coffee with a retail value of $29. We placed our order, and were never treated less for just ordering the complimentary breakfast. We were treated just as any other guest. The coffee was delicious and then a pastry basket and plate of fruit was brought out for each of us. After having a full meal the night before, this hit the spot perfectly. It appeared that each piece of fruit was hand selected as every type of fruit (fig, raspberry, blueberry, watermelon, cantaloupe, pear and honeydew) was ripe and delicious. The pastries were a nice small size as well.

After breakfast we headed up to the room to pack and texted to have our bags brought down to our car. We headed up to the rooftop one last time to soak in the view. When we arrived downstairs, we checked out, and headed outside where our bags had already been placed in our trunk. And just like that, our 24 hour stay came to an end.

Final Thoughts:

The last time we were in Beverly Hills, there was no availability at the Waldorf Astoria and so we stayed at the neighboring Beverly Hilton. There is no comparison between the two. While the Beverly Hilton is far cheaper, the service there was severely lacking. As mentioned earlier, the Waldorf Astoria has a seamless touch, where everything flowed so easily. You were greeted with a smile where ever you went, and many times they knew who you were as others communicated that information behind the scenes. We hope to come back here to enjoy a longer stay, perhaps by using points and/or weekend night certificates. And when on points, the only required fee is the $50 for Valet parking per day.

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