September 24, 2018 0 Comments Success Story

Past Success – 150,000 JetBlue Points for 1 Roundtrip flight


In June/July 2016 JetBlue had an amazing promotion where we were able to score 150,000 JetBlue points with one simple flight.


When it had been announced that Alaska Airlines was purchasing Virgin Airlines, JetBlue was not too happy. They had tried to purchase Virgin, but lost to Alaska. To try to gain Virgin Airline clients, JetBlue offered to match up to 75,000 points if you could show proof of your points with Virgin Airlines. After they confirmed your eligibility, you just had to take a round-trip flight to get your points.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 10.58.38 AM


Once we sent in our screenshots showing we had over 50,001 points, we booked a round-trip flight from Long Beach (LGB) to Las Vegas (LAS). For both of us, the total was $293.20. This was no ordinary trip to Vegas. We arrived at Long Beach airport, parked our car, boarded our flight, touched down, used the restroom, and boarded the plane straight back to Long Beach. From the moment we left our house to the moment we returned was about 3 hours total… and it was worth 150,000 points! Thanks to Points Pooling and our Barclay JetBlue Card, we were able to combine our points together, get a 10% refund on point redemptions and have had plenty of fun using them.


It can be very valuable to pay attention to promotions that companies offer. Sometimes they can line up with your plans, goals and points/miles ambitions.