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Update: Total Rewards Diamond Status


As mentioned in our Casino Elite Status post, while in Vegas, “we received a promotion to match to Total Rewards Diamond Status with a competitors Gold or Platinum status at any Vegas property. We tried this with Missy’s Gold MLife card, but were denied. They said it only works in Atlantic City. We have filed a report with their Corporate Office and hopefully get this resolved.”


On 8/25 I emailed Total Rewards corporate email saying,
“While at the Paris Vegas this past week, we received an offer through the “Play by TR” app that would give us Diamond Status if we showed a competitor’s Gold card. My wife has MLife Gold, went to the TR desk at the Paris and showed the upgrade offer. They said it was a misprint and only valid in Atlantic City. We showed them that the offer (see attached screenshot) shows its valid at any Las Vegas property. They stood firm and said there was nothing they could do. We now reach out to you to do the right thing and honor the offer that was provided by matching my wife to Diamond Status. Please reach out with details on how we can make this happen.

Thank you in advance
Bryan & Missy”

On 8/27 they replied,
“Hello Bryan,
My apologies for the inconvenience, I will be happy to assist in upgrading your wife’s Total Rewards account. Please provide a copy of her DL license and TR card. I will notify you as soon as I have completed the upgrade. 

Thank you,
Paris Total Rewards”

We sent the documents they requested on 8/28. Then waited. On 9/1 they replied,
Hello Bryan,
Missy is officially a DIAMOND member!!!   MLife GOLD was just recently added and it seem like it wasn’t communicated to the whole  team. Once again my apologies and thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Thank you,
Paris Total Rewards”


As mentioned before, you don’t get what you deserve, you only get what you ask for. We also didn’t take no for an answer, as their promotion specifically said we qualified and they refused to honor it. We’re very happy that Total Rewards has honored the promotion they sent us and can’t wait to take advantage of this status.